About Ruben Davis Realtor in California

About Ruben Davis


Ruben is an Angelino native and UCLA graduate. After graduating he joined the Air Force and continues to serve as a Reservist. His background and recent return from a 21 month military tour has built Ruben’s character on the fundamentals of “Integrity, Service before Self & Excellence in all he does!” Since his return, Ruben has hit the ground running making him one of the fastest growing Real Estate Executives in the Greater Los Angeles area and loved by neighborhood agents and clientele.

Ruben’s Real Estate experience spans nearly 17 years. He began his career in Real Estate financing and has since moved on to be an exclusive agent with Ambiance Realty as Davis Capital Realty Group. Ruben’s mortgage financing background has proven to be an invaluable asset for his clients when deciphering and accepting qualified offers from home buyers. He expects nothing short of the best negotiations for his clientele. Ruben understands market trends and surpasses most agents on internet and social media advertising on all things Real Estate. He’s a wealth of knowledge sharing Sellers tips, Buyers tips, Credit tips, Do’s and Do Not’s and helping you map your way to selling your property for the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time or helping buyers build their qualifications towards home ownership.

Ruben’s clientele spans from first time home buyers to seasoned investors. In recent years, Ruben has successfully launched a program designed to educate and empower clientele possibly facing foreclosure. He has also released a campaign that teaches homeowners how to potentially pay off their mortgage in less than 7 years with no additional income needed, saving them virtually 100’s of thousands of dollars. His genuine honesty and straight-shooter personality, along with his background in counseling for the Air Force allows him to understand his client’s needs and circumstances better than any other agent. If you’re looking for truth and direct communication that gets the job done. Ruben’s your guy! Ruben is considered one of the most direct and upfront “REAL” Real Estate Executive’s and is ready to support you!