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My goal is to sell your home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time and net you the most amount of profit. Through extensive market strategizing and materials, I go above and beyond to ensure the successful sale of your property. My custom plan, designed around highlighting your home’s best assets, is just the beginning. I truly want to make every step of the way encouraging and convenient. While delivering an impeccable closing, I educate you on what the next steps are after the sale and help you formulate a true exit plan. It all sums up to a privileged experience based around exceeding your expectations. All I ask is for 20 minutes of your time and I assure you my presentation will blow your socks off!


My goal is to create the biggest buzz around your listing! It’s the only way to generate the highest offer. Most agents stick a sign in the ground, take some pics with their phone, pop it on the Listing service and cross their fingers and hope like heck someone sees it. That would never even come close to my standards! I provide cutting-edge marketing tactics, such as “coming soon” hangers to sending hundreds of postcards, calling the neighborhood, lead capture systems, and everything in between. (Theres just so much more, I get so excited!) I do it all to get your home noticed by as many potential buyers as possible. It all starts with the perfect photography and professional videography. Featured listing on some of the biggest Real Estate Websites, such as Zillow, where I have achieved Premier Agent status. Pitching your property to the local REALTOR Associations, and local brokers, to include adding your property to the Broker Caravan schedule to showcase your home to as many of my colleagues as possible in an effort to get bunches of offers. I never skimp and always hire the best professionals to get the results you’re looking for. I do this all, even before earning a single cent. I make the investment in you by putting my time and money where my mouth is, in an effort to get you results!


In this day and age, online marketing is crucial. To further hone in our your home’s specific buying demographic, I buy a domain name that grabs attention for your home. While your home is listed with me, each week I capture statistical data on your home and present them to you as a progress report so we can adjust marketing accordingly. Whatever it takes, I get it done and am there for you every step of the way!