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Favorite Movie

We all like to tap into our spirited entertainment side. Explore what Los Angeles based Realtor, Ruben Davis experiences as entertaining and what his Favorite movie is! Ruben is a firm believer on whatever you focus on will be what you receive and his Favorite movies are sure to deliver a surprise about how Ruben identifies with his characters. Whats your favorite movie and why?

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Loan Girl

Ruben Davis is a Los Angeles based Realtor who shares his longest industry friend's amazing track record of getting even some of the most difficult loans funded! Magaly Zapien is also a native born Angelino and UCLA graduate who began her Mortgage Industry career nearly 17 years ago and is the go to person to have a road map to home ownership created for you. For more information go to

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Refinance HE Loan HELOC

Thinking about a refinance loan? Think again before paying all the fees associated with them and consider alternative types of financing. Ruben Davis is a Los Angeles based Realtor who goes over the differences of refinancing, getting a home equity loan or applying for a home equity line of credit. Ruben teaches his clients how to properly select the product right for them and in turn also suggests an Accelerated Mortgage Pay Off Strategy that saves his clients 100's of thousands of dollars! To learn more, message Ruben!

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Ruben Davis is a Los Angeles based Realtor and Air Force Veteran who shares his deepest sentiments about the way he wants to be remembered. Explore his life lessons to understand why he believes in giving so much and being selfless in his actions.

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Life Lesson - Celebrate Everything

Los Angeles based Realtor and Air Force Veteran, Ruben Davis shares with his viewers the secret to a positive and abundant life. Watch and learn about what Ruben's life experiences have taught him and how a simple basic concept can be applied to your own life to achieve a happier and more gratitude filled existence!

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